Saturday, January 08, 2005

XML tools - my choices

In a previous post, I wrote I was looking for XML tools. Well, here's what I use:
  1. Eclipse with the XMLBuddy plugin. XMLBuddy has a free version, and this is what I use most of the time. I can't afford the full Pro version for this project. What I like about XMLBuddy (other than that it integrates smoothly with Eclipse, which I use for Java) - is the auto completion feature. I know, all decent XML editors have this - but this one is an Eclipse plugin.. ;-)
  2. XMLSpy Home Edition. It has much more features than XMLBuddy, but it's also much bigger in installation size. Besides, there's something wrong about the auto-completion feature: it lets you choose between ALL XML elements, not just the ones that match the context (according to the DTD/Schema). I use XMLSpy mainly for XSLT.
  3. JAXP... sort of. My project will use Java to turn XMI statechrts into C code. So I'll use J2SE's built-in XML support, because it's pretty flexible.
I'm still looking for other, Open Source, XML editors.

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